What is AARP Medicare Supplement Plan?

Whether you are picking out a health care coverage for yourself, or helping your friends or family find a plan, you should be able to find the coverage that satisfies all your needs. This is where AARP Medicare supplement plan comes in. their role is to make sure you get health care coverage that suits your financial and medical needs.

Obtaining Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019  is the right way to go if you qualify?

Medicare supplement plans fall under Part C. They are carried out by private insurance companies and combine Medicare from Part A (hospital coverage), Part B (doctor coverage) plus added benefits in one simple plan. Some plans also offer prescription drug coverage. These are known as Medicare Supplement with prescription drug plans or MA-PD. MA plans don’t know come with any added premium apart from what you’ve already paid for in Part B. Before you can qualify to enroll in Supplement plan, you must first have Parts A and B (Original Medicare) plus you must continue paying your Part B premium each month.

Doctor, Hospital, and Drug Coverage – All in One Simple Plan.

AARP Medicare plans are insured through United Healthcare. They bundle all the Medicare benefits into one simple plan that also includes features that are designed to help you live a better, healthier life. These plans do not require a physical examination before you can enroll, and they will not deny you coverage for any pre-existing conditions.

Benefits of AARP Medicare Complete Plans

  • Enjoy monthly premium plan that starts at $0, together with your premiums from Part B.
  • An annual out-of-pocket maximum that helps to limit your healthcare
  • Set copays for doctor visits as well as other medical services
  • Receive all kinds of preventive services such as flu shot and a yearly routine physical, available at a $0 copay.
  • Worldwide emergency and urgent care
  • Routine eye exams
  • Yearly routine hearing exams as well as hearing aid coverage

Most AARP supplement plans may also include:

  • Routine eyewear coverage
  • 25-hour Phone access to a live nurse
  • Wellness programs
  • Drug coverage that includes all kinds of generic prescription drugs as well as thousands of brand names.
  • A broad nationwide network of retail pharmacies
  • Enjoy a 3-month supply of Tier 1 and Tier 2 medications delivered to your home via OptumRx, AARP’s preferred mail service pharmacy for the low price of $0 copay.
  • Other additional benefits not covered by Part A or Part B.